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New York Product Liability Lawyers

Defective products cause injuries in homes or in the workplace. The injuries can be a result of poor design, defective manufacturing, malfunctioning parts or even improper or inadequate instructions or warnings for operating or installing the product.

Blenders, in-home grills, food processors, kitchen stoves, washers and dryers, toasters are home appliances that can cause serious injuries including amputation, burns and electrocution.

In commercial and industrial construction sites there are many products in use, such as tools, heavy machinery, cranes, tractors, safety harnesses, scaffolding, ladders and other miscellaneous construction equipment. Sometimes these tools can arrive defective to the construction site from the manufacturer. In such cases, these unsafe and defective products can inflict injury to the construction workers or others just passing by a construction site.

WGDN partner Lawrence (Larry) Wilson has successfully represented many seriously injured victims of defective products.