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New York Toxic Torts Lawyers

Injuries often result from the careless conduct of the owner of a building, the carelessness and disregard of a manufacturer or the carelessness of a municipality, when hazardous and toxic materials are discharged, spilled or otherwise released into the environment, often illegally. Not only is the environment damaged as a result of such discharge, people exposed to such materials suffer serious physical and neurological injuries. WGDN partner Lawrence (Larry) Wilson is currently involved in on one of the nation's worst cases of toxic discharge which created a significant environmental hazard and affected hundreds of people in the vicinity of the discharge. WGDN Partner Robert (Bob) Grochow stands at the forefront in representing the 9/11 "first responder" victims of the World Trade Center attack.

Lead paint was used in the interiors of many of the older buildings in New York. While no longer used in new residential application, the effects of lead pain still linger and impact young children who may be exposed through dust or chipping and cracked paint in their homes. Lead poisoning causes neurological and physical problems unless timely diagnosed and treated. WGDN partner David Druker has represented many parents on behalf of their children for damages sustained as a result of exposure to lead paint.